Forest Management Policy

The Company shall maintain a Sustainable Forest Management System, meeting Sustainable Forestry Initiative ® (SFI) performance standards, of monitoring, reviewing, reporting and modifying forest management practices leading to continual improvement in sustainable forestry and making those finding publicly available.

Woodlands Division (The Company) is committed to Sustainable Forest Management

The Company shall strive to meet or exceed the requirements of all applicable legislation, regulation and other goals and objectives specific to lands under management.

The Company shall ensure the sustainability of identified timber and non-timber values through development and maintenance of long term plans and the implementation of those plans which respect clear cut size, adjacency and green-up requirements, promotion and conservation of habitat and forest cover diversity.

The Company shall ensure the regeneration of all forest lands, under crown lease or ownership, through either natural means of planting or acceptable seedlings in accordance with approved forest management plans.

The Company shall ensure the protection of forests from damaging agents such as fire, pests, disease, and invasive exotic plants and animals through appropriate management techniques and judicious use of chemicals, to maintain and improve long-term forest health and productivity.

The Company shall encourage input from employees, contractors and the public in identifying sustainable forestry issues and address those concerns in a timely fashion.

The Company shall promote sustainable forestry awareness on forestry issues amongst employees, sub licensees, contractors and the general public through training and/or educational materials.

The Company shall promote and support the expansion of forest knowledge, through forestry research, science and technology, and apply this knowledge when economically, environmentally and socially beneficial and as viable.

The Company shall promote sustainable forestry practices among other forest landowners through its’ Fibre Sourcing Policy.

The Company shall identify, map and respect identified unique areas of historical, cultural, geological or ecological value.

The Company shall use and promote Best Management Practices (BMPs) in planning and implementation of all operations, in particular, with regards to protecting and maintaining soil productivity, the protection of riparian areas, maximizing wood utilization, consideration of recreational potential and improving the visual quality of forest operations.

The Company shall comply with social laws covering employment equality, anti-discrimination and anti-harassment (and International Labour Organization core conventions not covered by Canadian Law) while respecting indigenous peoples’ rights, ensuring workers a safe and healthy workplace and community’s access to information in a timely fashion.

Multi-Generational Investment

Vibrant communities with economic opportunities, and respect for diverse, accessible, and safe neighbourhoods provide employees and citizens of all ages with an enriched quality of life.